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Sales Management Simulation Sim-U-Sell: A Unique Experience for Collegiate Students and Instructors

Dec 13, 2022 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Sim-u-sell is a highly interactive, simulated learning platform for educational communities across the globe to "elevate" teaching and learning while making classroom education more fun. Successfully piloted in multiple US & Canadian schools and then officially launched in 2020, Sim-u-sell has quickly expanded across the US, North America & Europe.

Amidst the COVID pandemic, the constraint of distant learning posed an enormous challenge for students & teachers alike, and the need for progression in traditional teaching methods arose. Moreover, today's generation's immersion in technology in each aspect of life has opened doors for the accelerated growth of digital learning.

Instructors can register to Sim-u-sell wholly free and get started immediately. At the same time, exciting and affordable plans for students are also offered at Sim-u-sell presents an effective, flexible solution for Sales Management academia by integrating simulated learning experiences into conventional course content. Sim-u-sell outclasses all contemporary products in the market with its paramount decision processing, metrics reporting, and data visualizations.

With an easy-to-setup and govern approach, Sim-u-sell can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and be played in any traditional or online classroom arrangement. With an excellent User Interface and built-in instructor tools including supplemental course material, YouTube content, FAQs for students, and more, Sim-u-sell is extremely easy for instructors to implement and utilize in any new or existing course. “It’s simple enough for students to start early in the semester, yet has sufficient depth and complexity to stay relevant for multiple rounds of decision making," says Sim-u-sell’s co-founder, Dr. Frederik Beuk. “At the core of the Sim-u-sell are algorithms based on state-of-the-art academic research and years of experience. Although a model of reality, the salespersons of sim-u-sell have individual preferences, idiosyncratic equity perceptions, and respond uniquely to management behaviors”.

Sim-u-sell covers multi-faceted topics, including optimal territory design, sales forecasting, profit & loss analysis, remuneration & compensation, training, hiring and firing decision-making, and many more. It provides a competitive learning experience that supports the development of relevant, fundamental real-world skills.

Sim-u-sell continues to evolve based on user feedback. Its proprietary algorithm has been enhanced, features like a student "Certificate of Completion" have recently been launched, and salesperson salaries continue to adjust based on recent real-world inflation. In a few clicks, upgrade your classroom experience to the next level.

About Sim-u-sell Academic Publishing, LLC Launched in 2020, Sim-u-sell is a technology-based learning tool for Sales Management education. A highly interactive platform with an extensive list of features, Sim-u-sell eliminates hassles associated with traditional classroom settings while boosting learning and knowledge retention. Media Contact Company Name: Sim-u-sell Academic Publishing, LLC Contact Person: Tom Czerny City: Hudson State: Ohio Country: United States Website:

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