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Sim-U-Sell: A Modern, Fun, And Interactive Sales Management Simulation Designed For The 21st-Century

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Dec 21, 2022 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Sim-u-sell is revolutionizing the sales management learning space by offering instructors, students, and institutions a sophisticatedly simple, interactive, immersive simulation that will improve students' abilities and decision-making.

Students today have been exposed to the most digital content compared to any other generation of students in the past. The internet and smartphones have transformed society, leading to an unprecedented increase in education levels across the globe. This shift has caused colleges and universities to adapt and create sales courses in a way that will best prepare them for the wokforce after graduation. Instead of having simple lectures and readings, many colleges and universities are embracing interactive, engaging experiences that utilize video games, simulations, and digital learning platforms.

A new way to learn sales management. Created with the sole intention of training the next generation of professional salespeople, It is a leading sales management simulation for the sales classroom and focuses on the science of selling in decision-making contexts.

The sales management simulation has changed how students can learn sales management and it is now being adopted by over dozens of universities worldwide. It engages students where they gain experience in the dynamics of leading groups, individual and team-based decision-making, data analysis, and P&L management. Sim-u-sell provides a simple-to-access, easy-to-implement experiential learning and experimental learning environment that dramatically increases the students' likelihood of success in their sales management course and prepares them for the future with real-world skills. The mission of Sim-u-sell is to enhance the study and analysis of sales from a management point of view by applying current theories, principles, and practices. It is a dynamic simulation for higher education that aids in student learning through active participation in course material.

When asked about the uniqueness of the software, the founder said, "Sim-u-sell is focused on its users and their experience in sales management education. We've developed a sophisticated and interactive sales simulation that is very easy and intuitive for both instructors and students to use in nearly every classroom setting. Sim-u-sell's interactive nature, combined with the gamification, has created an exemplary way to teach students critical sales and sales management competencies. It is inherently designed to deliver learning outcomes with little or no effort from instructors.”

Sim-u-sell brings real business world challenges to the classroom where students must compete against each other as they manage the sales force of a rapidly growing supplier for the solar panel installation industry. With its cutting-edge technology-based learning tools, students learn by taking action. They are given immediate feedback and can then analyze company and market data to strategize and plan how to lead their company forward.

Head to to experience what sales management could be.

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